Rachel St.Clair, PhD
Co-Founder, CEO
Leading thinker on the intersection of computing, math & neuroscience. 20+ Papers published, several citations. Center for Future Mind Fellow.
Ben Goertzel, PhD
Co-Founder, CRO
Expert on advanced computing. 450+ paper published & cited over 5k times. Created world's first robot citizen. Founder of SingularityNet and TrueAGI.
Binoy Syed
Co-Founder, COO
Semiconductor & ASIC Industry. Leader and experimental technologist with expertise in manufacturing, engineering, commercialization & alliances.
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar
Hardware Engineer Consultant
2 decades designing complex communication chips and contributed to the tapeout of dozens of chips. Worked for LSI/Intel, Texas Instruments, CEERI Pilani, Inrom Systems.
Peter Sutor
High-Dimensional Computing Expert
PhD UMD & MSc in Computer Science. 14+ publications in high-dimensional computing, IEE chair of HDC conference. Worked for the US Army, Keystone Automotive, Penn State University.
Ron Teitelbaum
Software Expert
Accomplished tech veteran with expertise in 3D Collaboration Systems and Medical/Pharmacy Systems. Decades of experience in each field drives innovation delivering transformative solutions
L. Andrew Coward
Creator of the Recommendation Architecture. 30+ years at Nortel Networks in design of electronic control systems. 24 years in complex systems and neuroscience. 4 books, 100+ publications and lectures.
Piotr (Peter) Boltuc
Digital Transformation
Leading thinker on digital transformation, focusing on customer-centric value proposition. Advocate for AGI-based second transformation. Prof. of Philosophy and Computer Science at UIS, and Management at SGH. Envisioning industry 4.5 with aligned tech and business paradigms. Focused on uncovering future horizons.