Scaling AGI

Compute more, with less


Verifiably lossless and data agnostic compression provides the core data structures needed for computing in compressed form.

Scalable AI

As data continues to grow, the AI industry is spending more in power and costs. We're radically improving scaling pipelines in existing AI with our binding API to compute in compressed form.

Neuro-Inspired Learning Algorithms

Artificial intelligence is quickly progressing to the next level -- AGI -- with our new neuro-inspired learning algorithms.

Climate-Friendly Autonomous

Our fully autonomous system, ReArc, is co-designed for emerging hardware with our planet in mind.

Nebuli Features

Holographic Compression

Our new compression software allows any data to be compressed into a holographic representation called a Nebu file. Any Nebu file can be decompressed to reconstruct the pre-compressed data 100% flawlessly.

  • Data agnostic
  • Verifiably lossless
  • Standardizes data for direct computation without decompression
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