Artificial Intelligence Alignment

Incentives for a better world

The development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the next untapped frontier of technological development. The prospect and goal of developing AGI is exciting and brings with it challenges and impacts, both ethical and societal, that are as intriguing as they are monumental. Whether those impacts will be beneficial or detrimental depends on how ethically AGI and related technologies are developed, as well as utilized. Bringing ethics and philosophical considerations into the workflow and development of AGI is something Simuli, inc. takes as not only important, but necessary in developing AGI. Whether AI aligns with our values and goals depends on multiple assumptions and possibilities, all of which are present through each level of design, development, production, and use. Because of this, Simuli, inc. strives to make sure that technological development is as beneficial and useful as it is ethically sound. For this reason, we consult with world-leading researchers at the intersection of AI and ethics.