Cloud Services

Reducing costs of data centers.

The top 5 tech companies of the world spend over $100B on Data centers every year. This number is growing every year. With the expansion of Metaverse the need to process more and more data is set to exponentially grow. The NDPU compiler’s condensation approach towards data and the "lossless" abstraction algorithms embedded in the logic of NDPUs enable exponential efficiencies in hyperscale computing AKA data centers. Large datasets can be squeezed for better and more intelligent computing with less computing resources and power consumption. Our patented architecture allows for complex processing and multiplexing with only 200%+ less of the hardware and energy requirements. This means those companies spending $3M in power consumption can now spend only $1M just by migrating to an NDPU cloud. All of this is made possible by our elegant architecture that incorporates a different approach to math and neuroscience which is embedded in the chip. The result is 1. less computing capacity and infrastructure needed for the same amount of data processing and 2. less power consumption during run time for the same amount of data being processed.